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Baseball Rules & Structure

Learn from our comprehensive list of baseball rules and how the game of baseball is structured-from past to present.

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Baseball Terms & Phrases

The game of baseball presents a lot of terminology. FanSided is here to help you define and learn the most popular phrases in baseball today.

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Football Penalties

Penalties in football can be as nuanced as the game itself. Click below to learn about the most penalties in football.

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Football Positions

Get to know the positions of football better with the help of FanSided. You will also learn the purpose of each position as well.

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Football Structure

Learn how the game of football is structured from when the clock is stopped to how college football handles overtime.

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Football Terms

FanSided is here to help you define and learn the most popular terms in football today.

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General Football Knowledge

Find the answers to the general questions about football. This section is a great way to strengthen your football trivia knowledge!

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