NFC Championship Game: The Third Quarter in GIF Form

After a surplus of scoring in the first two quarters of the game, the third quarter was a little less impressive. The 49ers started the quarter out with a Frank Gore touchdown run that cut the lead to just three points. But from there is got a little “Keystone Cops” on everyone watching. David Akers had a chance to tie the game around the five minute mark but missed his first field goal of the game.

Akers had been struggling with missed field goals this season and was challenged by Billy Cundiff during the Niners by week. Akers won the battle and the Niners cut Cundiff, who is probably sitting at home thinking he could have done what Akers clearly couldn’t.

Then there was Matt Ryan slowly starting to fall apart. The man they call “Matty Ice” melted last week against the Seahawks and that began to happen again.

The third quarter is like the really bad entry into a series of films. Star Wars has Attack of the Clones, James Bond has about every Roger Moore version every produced and Jaws has eighty movies that followed the original. The 2013 NFC Championship Game had the third quarter, one that just about everyone was happy to move on from.

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