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Johnny Manziel Taking Out Injury Insurance Policy

Texas A&M Aggies quarterback sensation Johnny Manziel spoke with the media after Tuesday’s spring practice and dropped the information that he is “in the process” of taking out insurance in the case that he suffers career-threatening injury during the 2013 season.

It’s just a precaution,” Johnny Football said. “There’s a lot of players who have done it in the past, and you never know what could happen. Football’s a dangerous sport, so you have to make sure you take a precaution.”

It has become a common practice in college football for the biggest stars in the game. After all, they are putting their careers on the line for free and a career-ending injury would cost the young men millions of dollars that they are missing out on because of the league’s three-years out of high school policy.

For Manziel, an injury just wouldn’t hurt his playing career, but it could have lasting impact on any potential endorsements and marketing opportunities.

Manziel is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner and one of the biggest stars in the college football game. He needs to protect everything that he has going for him. If the season goes well and he escapes injury free, this could be the last we see of Johnny Football at the collegiate level before he declares for the NFL Draft.

Of course, Manziel avoided answering any questions of his future.

“I’ll just try to answer it the same way I do every time, and that’s just that it’s always been a dream of mine, but for now, I’m very content and very happy where I am,” Manziel said. “I’m not leaning any way. Whenever that decision comes, [I'll] have to sit there and evaluate it just like you do anything else in your life.

“[If] you have an opportunity to go [to the NFL], then you look at it. Like I said, I love this place. I love Coach Sumlin and all my teammates here. I’m very happy with being in Aggieland for five, six, however many years I’m here. I’m not in any rush to make a decision like that.”

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