Twitter Reaction to Louisville's Kevin Ware's Gruesome Leg Injury

While Louisville was busy advancing to the Final Four, there was a devastating moment that shocked the college basketball world. Louisville’s Kevin Ware suffered a gruesome leg injury in the first half when he jumped up to block a shot and came down on a shattered leg. Ware’s bone stuck out from his skin and he was in obvious pain. The entire crowd and both teams were shaken by the injury and brought to tears.

There is no doubt that Ware’s injury was one of the most shocking and gruesome injuries in sports history. All you need to do is see his teammates reaction on the court and the reaction on Twitter to understand the magnitude of the injury.

First, here was Ware’s teammates reaction:

If you are a brave soul, you can watch the injury happen here.

For those with a weak stomach like myself, a quick look at some Twitter reaction will tell you all that you need to know about Ware’s injury. His leg was snapped in two places and it will take at least a year for him to fully recover. Here is the immediate Twitter reaction from his injury:











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