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Could Brian Shaw Lure Phil Jackson to the Denver Nuggets?

The Denver Nuggets are interviewing what can only be assumed are their top two candidates this weekend and one of those guys is Indiana Pacers assistant Brian Shaw. But while Lionel Hollins is also high on the Nuggets list of guys to replace George Karl, it would seem as though Shaw is the hottest name on the market right now.

Shaw has everything a young team like the Nuggets want. He’s youthful, he’s intelligent and he comes from a great basketball pedigree. Not only was he a part of the Indiana Pacers incredible run to the Eastern Conference Finals where they dragged the Miami Heat to the brink of elimination but he has one of the most valuable connections in the NBA.

Before he was with the Pacers, Shaw learned the ways of the basketball force from Yoda himself — Phil Jackson.

Mark J. Rebilas/US Presswire

Mark J. Rebilas/US Presswire

This connection raises a very interesting question, as it’s been made absolutely no secret that Phil Jackson wants back in the NBA but he wants to do so in a front office capacity. The Nuggets need someone to step up in the front office and help lead an overall young team with young management towards their goal of winning.

So can Brian Shaw’s connection with Jackson lure him to the Nuggets, place him in the front office contest and help control a young Nuggets team and their future? That’s an idea that’s beginning to latch on with folks, as Mason and Ireland on ESPN LA 710AM among other discussed and it’s an idea that makes a lot of sense.

Phil seems to be using teams like the Raptors and the Sonics to parlay his status with the Lakers into a management role in the front office. He led the Raptors on while looking over his shoulder at the Lakers to see if they were looking from across the room and then — very conveniently I might add– when it was known the Sonics were not moving back to Seattle, all of a sudden Jackson was going to be their general manager had they moved.

If Jackson indeed had genuine interest in coming in and helping a young Sonics team had they returned to Seattle, then that bodes well for his chances of doing the same with an even more talented Nuggets team.

Jackson is a mystery and he loves attention and being the center of it almost more than he enjoys his championship rings. So at this point there is no way to believe he’ll come to Denver and help out Shaw especially when Shaw may end up coming to Los Angeles to save the Lakers in the near future, meaning Jackson could secure his management position with LA.

Still, Jackson joining Shaw in Denver if he’s hired is an interesting idea to consider, but before we can get too ahead of ourselves, Shaw first needs to be hired by the Nuggets.

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  • wontfly

    Do you understand anything at all about what is occurring with the Nuggets, Josh? Since you share your first name with the new JoshBoy in Denver, one would have thought that you might.

    Young Master Kroenke not only let his professed buddy Ujiri go to Toronto and fired COY George Karl but he now has let thought-to-be highly considered for new GM Pete D’Alessandro have permission to talk to other teams.
    Kroenke is absolutely intent on becoming the NBA’s new Donald Stirling – or at least the old version of DS – cheap and in control of everything. It is virtually certain that the next thing we’ll be hearing is his twisted, B.S. explanation as to why, THOUGH HE LOVES THE GUY, he just “couldn’t re-sign Iguodala.

    Hell would freeze over and then melt again before Kroenke would ever consider handing control of the Nuggets to anyone at all, much less the Zen Master.

  • chartguy

    Josh Kronke will not spend money. Phil Jackson wants LOTS of money. More than Josh would not pay to Masai Ujiri.