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Atlanta Falcons Crazy Stadium Design Approved By Congress Center


When the Atlanta Falcons released renderings of the potential new stadium they were thinking of building, it was generally met with giggles and laughs. It was completely over the top and seemingly unrealistic.

It’s not so unrealistic any more.

The Georgia World Congress Center Authority today approved the design from 360 Architecture and now, with construction slated to begin next year, come the difficult parts.

Given the approved design, the project moves into the cost collecting phase where the fancy computer images actually become real life pieces of rebar and nails. So while some parts of the design idea will most certainly be thrown away due to financial costs and technical inability, Bill Johnson of 360 Architecture suggests that the “pedal” style roof/building will maintain its look.

The Falcons and the city of Atlanta now must designate the land and location for the stadium to be constructed which will hopefully be open for the 2017 season, assuming there are no setbacks.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the city is expected to kick in at minimum $200 million dollars for the new stadium:

The Atlanta City Council late Monday voted to approve a funding plan for a new downtown Atlanta Falcons stadium, pushing the project over its biggest political hurdle.

The council voted 11-4 in favor of the use of city hotel-motel taxes to pay $200 million toward construction costs and potentially several times that toward costs of financing, maintaining and operating the stadium through 2050.


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