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Plaxico Burress: We're going to run the ball

Offenses around the NFL have embraced the pass, almost to the point where threatening Emmitt Smith’s single season rushing record seemed impossible. Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress said that they aren’t the average flashy NFL team, and they’ll run the ball.

“I mean, this is Pittsburgh,” receiver Plaxico Burress told USA Today. “We’re going to run the football, that’s what our offense is going to be about. We’re going to have to run the football. The Steelers and running the ball go hand-in-hand, like a ball and chain. Receivers are committed to helping run the ball, blocking downfield, not just catching the ball and worrying about scoring touchdowns.”

“Everybody else around the league is going to be going up-tempo, flashy, four- and five-wide, pistol, shotgun, spread passing. We’re going to stay true to our roots and run the football.”

Its pretty uncommon to see a wide receiver talk so openly about the team’s desire to run the football. It goes against their diva or prima donna reputation.

Head coach Mike Tomlin, who is still waiting for a feature back to emerge, was less committed to the run in his comments.

“We have a young, talented offensive line group and we’re going to play to their strengths,” Tomlin said. “If a back can distinguish himself from the pack, we’ll give him the ball. Obviously, you’d like to have a known featured guy. But it’s got to be something that’s taken by someone.”

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  • bk

    So exactly who is the moron that wrote this piece (of trash) FYI… E. Smith DOES NOT HOLD THE SINGLE SEASON RUSHING RECORD. MORON!