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Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton: "No more excuses"

Earlier this week the Carolina Panthers general manager said that it was time to win. Quarterback Cam Newton seems to agree and is ready to take more of a leadership role and lead the younger players.

“It’s no more excuses on my part,” Newton said on NFL Network’s “Inside Training Camp Live.” “First year is gone, second year is gone. Now, I’m considered somewhat of a veteran to these guys, you know, so taking accountability on this offense and on this team is big for me, and that’s what I wanted to come back and (have as) one of my staples to get better.”

Newton’s leadership has come under fire in his young professional career. Usually it’s his body language in losing situations that sends a negative message.

One example is his tendency to drape a towel over his head, with his head hanging low, while sitting on the bench. Michael Jordan did this for years and was never criticized for it. Jordan’s other behavior though was that of a fiery competitor who won numerous personal accolades in addition to six NBA titles.

Newton doesn’t understand why he gets criticized for it.

“I have no clue, I have no clue, but this is something that I’ve always done. Always done,” Newton said. “I did it at Auburn, did it at junior college … did it in high school. So, you know, I hate that it’s something for people to look at and say, ‘Oh, he’s got bad body language. He’s just pouting under the towel.’ A lot of guys have their trends … my thing is a towel.”

One thing cures all.

“We just gotta win,” Cam said. “We just gotta win.”

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