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Philadelphia mayor speaks out against Riley Cooper

The Philadelphia Eagles are in a rough spot with the Riley Cooper situation and what to do with him. If they cut him it will make people happy, but for those preaching forgiveness, like Michael Vick, they think he deserves a second chance. Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter thinks he should be suspended. He addressed Cooper’s slur during an event at City Hall on Monday.

“Somebody said something, either out of their mouth or out of the side of their neck, and didn’t think anybody was listening,” the Mayor said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The mayor reference the movie ’42′ about Jackie Robinson which has a scene depicting a Philadelphia Phillies manager berating Robinson with the same slur in a 1947 game.

“[It was] the same word that the Philadelphia Eagles player used last week — 66 years later, still dealing with the same kind of nonsense, same kind of mind-set,” Nutter said.

His words haven’t seemed to impact the Eagles thought process or handling of the situation. There are reports that Riley Cooper is back with the team and will practice today.

If the team isn’t willing to accept Cooper back and there continues to be division in the locker room it could force rookie head coach Chip Kelly to make the tough call. Cut of the hand to save the arm.

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