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Tony Gonzalez calls Dustin Keller hit "ridiculous"

The Atlanta Falcons just got tight end Tony Gonzalez back to practice. He has been watching practice and keeping up with the Falcons, but he has been watching the NFL and keeping up as well. He saw Houston Texans rookie safety D.J. Swearinger’s hit on Miami Dolphins tight end Dustin Keller.

“Any player who does that, I don’t like it at all,” Gonzalez said, via the USA Today. “I have no respect for that.”

Swearinger tried to explain that he aimed low to avoid a fine.

Said Gonzalez: “I saw (Swearinger’s) remark, ‘That’s just football,’ and he showed a little bit of grief for the guy — I’m not buying it at all. Don’t tell me that the rules prohibit you from hitting a guy up top. You have a whole target area above his knee up to his neck that you can hit. I’ve watched that play a bunch of times.”

He’d rather be hit in the head personally.

“That was ridiculous on his part. It should be a fineable offense. That’s just not part of football — hitting a defenseless player in his knee, that’s something we all dread as players. That’s my nightmare,” Gonzalez said.. “Hit me in my head (instead).”

Keller’s teammate Brian Hartline called it crap.

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