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NFL teams in danger of starting 0-2

Week 2 of the regular season is already underway, with the majority of games ready to go this Sunday. There are a host of teams that are in danger of starting 0-2 (16 by my count). For some teams an 0-2 start, while disappointing, is not much of a surprise. For other teams with playoff aspirations, an 0-2 start would sound the fire alarm in the building. published a piece that asked some of their writers to handicap the level of desperation that teams are feeling with an 0-2 start. One of the more interesting games will feature two playoff teams from last year, the Washington Redskins and the Green Bay Packers. Dave Dameshek of the had a great point about the Packers.

“Packers can ill afford two-loss start, given their daunting schedule in 2013

It’s just Week 2, but the Green Bay Packers better recognize the importance of winning on Sunday. Washington, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh would all do well to avoid getting behind the 0-2 eight ball, but Green Bay is the team that needs it most.”

Judy Battista pointed out the New York Giants as the team that is desperate to right the ship.

“Nobody needs a bounce-back win more than the New York Giants, and not just because they lost to a division rival in Week 1, but because of the way they lost. Six turnovers, a fumble-prone starting running back, innumerable other sloppy plays …”

I would personally have to agree with Judy and choose the New York Giants. The Giants are certainly a team that expects to be in the race for the division and a playoff berth but the way they played against the Dallas Cowboys was embarrassing. I am expecting that Tom Coughlin will not allow that type of sloppy play to happen again but the Giants have serious questions at the running back position. Another disastrous outing and the Giants confidence could fall to a point that they may struggle to get to a winning record on the season.

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