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Dominic Raiola will make donation to Wisconsin band; won't be punished


If the Detroit Lions won’t punish Dominic Raiola, the NFL needs to step in.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Lions center, who allegedly made obscene and homophobic remarks to the Wisconsin band during the loss to the Packers last Sunday, will not make a “significant” donation to the marching band, and will not be punished.

Here is Raiola’s issued apology, per Pro Football Talk:

My interaction with the Wisconsin Marching Band was inappropriate. I apologize to those I offended along with all of the members of Wisconsin’s Marching Band. I also apologize to the Lions’ organization and my teammates. I understand the standards to which we should conduct ourselves, and my actions Sunday fell dramatically short of those standards.

Lions president Tom Lewand confirmed there will be no punishment:

Due to Dominic’s sincere and appropriate response, there will be no additional disciplinary action by the team. We are also pleased that he is supporting his apology with a significant donation to the Wisconsin Marching Band Fund.

While I’m sure the Wisconsin band will appreciate the “significant” donation, I don’t believe that any type apologizes or donations, regardless of the amount, can make up for the comments Raiola spewed towards the band. The comments were vulgar, completely inappropriate and, considering his past fines for similar behavior, it is obvious that Raiola has not learned his lesson.


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