WWE Hell in a Cell results: John Cena defeats Alberto Del Rio for Heavyweight Championship

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Alberto Del Rio defended his WWE Heavyweight Championship belt against John Cena at the 2013 Hell in a Cell pay-per-view event. Cena was returning from an injury to his elbow that has kept him away from the WWE rehabbing his injury. Before the match began, they re-aired the Cena comeback video montage.

The match was slow to start. A lot of sizing each other up. There were a lot of holds early in the match. Del Rio threw Cena into the ropes and he countered with a shoulder bump. Del Rio went to work on Cena in the corner before the ref broke it up, which led to more walking around in circles.

Del Rio broke the stand-off, kicking Cena and hitting him repeatedly when he dropped to his knees. Cena fought back and attacked Del Rio in the corner before hitting him with the bulldog. He tried to pin Del Rio but he kicked out.

Del Rio then drop kicked Cena, and he rolled out of the ring. As he was standing near the edge of the ring, Del Rio kicked Cena in the head. Outside the ring Del Rio worked on Cena’s tricep a bit, slamming his arm on the steps.

Del Rio continued to beat on Cena, he tried to reverse but Del Rio hit him with a German suplex. After a failed pin, Del Rio worked on Cena’s tricep again getting him in a hold and stretching his arm behind his head.

After a lot of Del Rio working on Cena’s arm, Del Rio was thrown out of the ring. He climbed back in the ring while Cena was still trying to regain his composure. Del Rio climbed to the top turnbuckle to try to jump on to Cena, but he hit him with a drop kick in mid-air. After a few moves, Del Rio was laying on the ground.

Cena did his trademark “you can’t see me gesture” and hit Del Rio with the Five-Knucke Shuffle, he went for the Attitude Adjustment, but Del Rio reversed it.

Cena then hit Del Rio with a DDT of the second rope and unsuccessfully tried to pin him. Cena still had the momentum at this point. Cena climbed to the top turnbuckle, and Del Rio kicked him in the head knocking him off the rope. Del Rio unsuccessfully tried to pin Cena.

At this point they showed Damien Sandow watching in the back clutching the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Del Rio hit Cena with a back-breaker after reversing a Cena run off the ropes and again unsuccessfully tried to pin Cena. Del Rio put Cena in the turnbuckle and went for the spear, but Cena lifted himself up causing Del Rio to hit the post. Cena jumped off the top turnbuckle into Del Rio for a lateral press and immediately tried to pin him but Del Rio kicked out.

Del Rio at this point was regaining composure, but Cena got him in the STF. Del Rio got to the rope to break the hold. Del Rio then hit Cena with a kick, went for the pin, but Cena kicked out. Del Rio got Cena’s bad arm in a Cross Arm Breaker. Cena rolled and picked up Del Rio and slammed him to the mat.

John Cena then hit Del Rio with the Attitude Adjustment to win the WWE Heavyweight Championship.


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