WWE Hell in a Cell results: Randy Orton defeats Daniel Bryan for WWE Championship

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The WWE Championship has been vacant for over a month after foul play was uncovered in Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan’s previous match. They fought a second time at Battleground but interference from the Big Show prevented a winner from being crowned.

On Sunday, they squared off in the Hell in a Cell cage with the championship on the line. WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels officiated the match as the special guest referee. After everyone entered the ring, Triple H came down the ramp holding the WWE Championship belt.

The match started with the two exchanging blows and eventually Orton getting the upper-hand. Bryan reversed though, climbed to the top of the turnbuckle and drop kicked Randy Orton. After some throws off the rope, Orton was finally able to hit Bryan with a drop kick of his own.

Orton then began  to work on Bryan’s ribs and mid-section. He lifted him up and dropped him on the ropes. Orton then ran at Bryan knocking him of the side of the ring and into the side of the cage.

Orton joined him on the floor, and whipped him into the steel stairs. As Bryan tried to get to his feet, Orton grabbed the steps and then hit Bryan with them.

Continuing to work with the steps, Orton propped the bottom steps up against the side of the cage. Orton then grabbed Bryan’s head and pushed it into the cage wall. Orton tried to whip Bryan into the propped up stairs but Bryan reversed throwing Orton into them.

Orton then went into his famous kick routine. He even grabbed Orton by the head and smashed them into the steel steps. Bryan got Orton into the ring and went for the pin, but Orton kicked out.

With Orton on his knees, Bryan went back into his kicking routine. As Orton got to his feet, Bryan lifted him on to the turnbuckle and fought to hang him upside down. Once Orton was upside down, Bryan kicked him repeatedly before running across the ring and sliding feet first into his face.

Bryan drop kicked Orton over the top rope, causing him to bounce off the cage. Bryan then ran and dove threw the ropes into Orton twice. On the third attempt, Orton was able to move out of the way and throw Bryan into the cage.

This cause the momentum to shift in Orton’s favor. After working on Bryan outside the ring, Orton tried to get the pin inside the ring. Bryan kicked out though. Orton stood over the ailing Bryan for a moment.

As Bryan got to his feet, Orton put him on the top turnbuckle and delivered some blows and then head butts to Bryan. Orton tried to suplex Bryan from the top rope, but it was countered into a power bomb by Bryan.

Bryan had the momentum at this point. Once again Bryan had Orton on his knees in the middle of the ring, kicking him repeatedly. Orton rolled him into a pin, but Bryan countered with an S-Lock.

Orton escaped out of the ring, but Bryan chased after him and threw him repeatedly into the side of the cage. With Orton leaning up against the side of the cage, Bryan went  for the running drop kick.

With Orton trying to regain his composure, Bryan get a chair out from under the ring and began to hit him repeatedly with it. With Orton lying on the ground, Bryan began to throw multiple chairs into the ring.

Randy Orton hit Bryan with an eye rake to gain the upper-hand. Orton then began to work on Bryan with the chairs. He delivered a loud whack to Bryan’s back and went for the pin, but Bryan kicked out. He repeated this again, Bryan kicked out again.

Orton began to pile the chairs, and there were a lot, in the middle of the ring. Orton put Bryan on the top turnbuckle, but Bryan began to fight him off.  Orton hit Bryan’s legs out from under him causing him to fall again.

Orton then hit Bryan with a vertical suplex of the top rope on to the pile of the chairs. Orton went for the pin, but Bryan kicked out some how. Orton complained that it was a three-count, and that Shawn Michaels was counting slowly. Triple H then came back out to the ring and began to argue with Michaels through the cage, clearly siding with Orton.

Meanwhile, Orton pinned Bryan but Michaels was too busy arguing with Triple H to count out Bryan. This led to a three-way argument and Michaels told Triple H to “get off his back” and to “let him do this.”

Bryan tried to get Orton in the S-Lock but Orton was able to counter with a DDT. Meanwhile, Triple H climbed on the side of the cage and continued to distract Michaels. That led to him being knocked out by Orton when he was thrown into him.

Triple H ordered the Cell to be opened, meanwhile Bryan hit Orton, pinned him and Orton was counted out by the crowd. Bryan urged Michaels to get up, but Triple H threw him aside.

Bryan then knocked out Triple H with a knee to the face, which led to Shawn Michaels delivering the “Sweet Chin Music” to Bryan. Orton was then put on top of Bryan, and Michaels counted to three handing Orton the WWE Championship.


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