WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs Results 2013: Wyatt Family defeats Daniel Bryan (GIF)

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WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs is kicking off from Houston, Texas. This match was a handicap match between Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt family. Bryan came out to the ring first.

Bryan is being manhandled by Luke Harper and Erick Rowan early on while Bray Wyatt sits in the corner in a rocking chair. After Bryan is laying on the ground motionless, Bray Wyatt climbs into the ring and is tagged in.

rowan slams bryan 1

Bryan pulls himself up in the corner and Wyatt runs at Bryan. He is working on Bryan in the corner with punches and kickers. He flips Bryan over his shoulders and does this weird creepy call towards Bryan. Like an upside down bear crawl with your back towards the ground.

The crowd chants “that was creepy.”

wyatt creepy crawl

Wyatt tags out and Rowan comes in and slams Bryan before working on him in the corner. He tags in Harper who gets a move off and tags Wyatt back in. Wyatt is jawing a lot saying “you could’ve been like me, we could’ve been friends.”

Wyatt extends his hand offering to “make it all go away.” Bryan kicks his hand away and gets up and is trying to get some momentum back. He gets some punches before going off the ropes, but Wyatt counters with a shoulder bump that takes down Bryan. He tags in Harper and orders him to finish him.

Harper goes with this power bomb into a pin but Bryan kicks out. Bryan is in the corner and Harper comes in for a boot to the face but Bryan counters. He runs across taking out Rowan and Wyatt. He gets Harper on the top rope and he slams Harper. He goes for the pin but Harper kicks out.

Bryan kicks a kneeling Harper repeatedly, his “YES!” kicks. Harper goes down, Bryan goes to the top rope and lands a flying head first move onto Harper but Rowan breaks up the pin. Bryan slams him and he gets caught up in the rope and Bryan goes for the YES kicks. Wyatt gets tagged in and Bryan knocks him off the ring before doing the same to Rowan.

Wyatt is outside the ring going to work on Rowan. He gets to the top rope and hits a move onto Wyatt and goes for the S-Lock, but Wyatt gets out of it and goes to work.

Wyatt goes for that kissing finisher and pins Bryan. Wyatt sits there and holds the unconscious Bryan in his lap.

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