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Did Cowboys owner Jerry Jones yell an expletive after loss and interception? (GIF)

The Dallas Cowboys lost another NFC East title showdown in Week 17. This time they lost the the Philadelphia Eagles who got an interception in the final minutes of the game as the Cowboys were poised to drive down the field for a game-winning field goal.

And no, Tony Romo didn’t throw it.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones box was the target of cameras after the game ended and it was interesting to say the least. Ignore for a minute the man possibly undressing in the background of this shot and focus on Jerry Jones.

It looks like he yells a short four-letter expletive in a brief fit or venting of rage. It could also be a sneeze. Given the circumstances, I’d like to believe it was an expletive.

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  • Marcus Duvall

    Uhh, sorry guy but it looks like he sneezed. You made an article about this?? Wait! I commented on this crap article???

  • Old Frog

    91000 people at the game and the cameras couldn’t show us one single sign saying something negative about Jerry Jones? I guess the opinions expressed on these boards are the minority view.

  • Cowboys suck

    Shouldn’t he have covered his mouth if it was a sneeze?
    Or had his Son in Law cover it for him at least

  • yournightmare

    it looks like he sneezed on the other hand, the other dude was disgusted with his Cowgirl sweater…hahahaha

  • JAB58

    He was choking just like his team…lol