WWE Royal Rumble LIVE Sunday, January 26th 2014.

WWE Royal Rumble 2014 results: Randy Orton defeats John Cena to retain WWE Heavyweight Championship (GIFs)

WWE Royal Rumble LIVE Sunday, January 26th 2014.

WWE Royal Rumble LIVE Sunday, January 26th 2014.

The 2014 WWE Royal Rumble is under way, live from Pittsburgh. The main event was a WWE Heavyweight Championship match between John Cena and Randy Orton, a rematch of their title unification match up at Tables, Ladders and Chairs. Minus all the stipulations and items in the rings. There was a lot of build up to this story with Randy Orton attacking Cena’s father and then Cena coming after Orton to retaliate and chasing him through the crowd and out of the arena.

The match started with some wrestling, then they broke up and stood for a minute before getting back at it. Orton got Cena to the ground and stomped him before doing a knee drop. With Cena on the ground, Orton got him in a seated-side lock. Cena got out of it and had Orton in the corner and delivered some blows. He then ran off the ropes, grabbed Orton by the back of the head and slammed him into the mat.

Orton got  a reverse and Cena laid on the mat. Orton picked Cena up and delivered a suplex. Orton tried to pin Cena and he kicked out. They look like they’re taking their sweet time as the crowd really chants, lots of “Daniel Bryan” chants despite him losing earlier in the night.

Orton go Cena in a head lock and they sat there in the middle of the ring. Then a “Y2J” chant broke out.

They got to their feet and Cena got a take down and grabbed Orton’s legs and tried to roll him over but Orton get out if it. Orton suplexed Cena off the side of the ring back into the ring and tried to pin him. Then came the “boring” chants.

They were locked in the middle of the ring, Cena broke it and landed some punches before going off the ropes and knocking Orton over the top rope. The match is moving kind of slowly. Outside the ring Cena tries to whip Orton into the stairs, but Orton reverses sending Cena into the steps.

Orton rolls Cena into the ring and goes for the cover as the crowd’s “Daniel Bryan” chants return. Orton is jawing with the crowd as Cena gets to his feet. Cena sneaks up behind and goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Orton reverses and lands a DDT on Cena. He goes for the pin but Cena kicks out quickly.

It sounds like they’re chanting “you both suck.” The announcers are excited about WrestleMania season. Cena is laying in the ring and Orton climbs the rope to hit his signature pose. Cena sneaks up behind and slams him into the mat and goes for a pin. Cena has the momentum and goes to work on Orton, flying into him off the ropes and he lands a spine breaker. He goes for the “you can’t see me” move but Orton hits him in the face.

Orton tries for a pin and fails. They get up and Orton goes for an RKO but Cena counters into a neck breaker. He then climbs the top rope and Cena comes over and hits him. Cena gets Orton back on the mat with a head but. He does a leg drop to a hunched over Orton’s head, the back of it. Cena goes for a pin and Orton kicks out.

Cena is stalking Orton and goes for the AA again, and Orton counters again into a back breaker. He goes for a pin and Cena kicks out. Orton pulls Cena to the side of the ring and with his feet on the edge, Cena lands a DDT. Randy picks him back up and rolls him into the ring and goes for a pin, but Cena kicks out.

Cena is lying in the ring as Orton walks around. Orton does his Viper thing on the mat and goes for a RKO, but Cena counters by ducking and driving his shoulder into Orton’s knee and then locks in the “STF lock.” Orton gets to the bottom rope and slide out of the ring. On the edge of the ring he grabs Cena’s head and jumps off the ring pulling Cena’s head into the top rope.

Cena lands a slam on Orton and then lands the “Five Knuckle Shuffle.” He goes for the AA but but Orton grabs the top rope. As Cena pulls him off they knock over the referee. With Orton on the ground, Cena locks in the STF and Orton taps out but the official is incapacitated. Cena is confused and Orton gets the title belts and hits Cena knocking him out. Orton gets the referee back into the match and goes for the pin but Cena kicks out.

Cena is still lying in the ring as Orton tries to get the referee back into match. Cena sneaks up and lands the AA but Orton kicked out the following pin attempt. Cena picks Orton up by his head and Orton reverses into a RKO, but Cena kicks out on the following pin.

As Cena gets up, Orton goes to kick but misses. Cena tries to get in the AA but Orton reverses and gets Cena in a lock in the ground. Cena reverses it into a cross face submission. Orton reverses into a pin, but Cena kicks out. Orton then lands the AA on Cena, yes Orton hit Cena with his own move. Cena kicked out the following pin attempt.

After a long pause in action, they get up and Cena hits Orton with an RKO. Yes, Cena hit Orton with his own move. Cena tries to pin Orton but he kicks out. Cena carries Orton to the corner and places him on the top rope. Cena then tries to land the AA off the top rope. Orton reverses, but Cena lands a tornado DDT off the second rope. Then Cena locks in the STF lock. Then the lights go out as the Wyatt’s interruption sounds. When the lights come on the Wyatts have the ring surrounded. Cena goes after Bray Wyatt but when he turns around Orton lands the RKO and pins Cena to retain the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Then Orton fled through the crowd avoiding the Wyatts. Probably to come after Orton after his “Duck Dynasty” comments.

cena gets pinned

The Wyatts continue to attack John Cena after Orton flees the ring.

wyatts attack cena

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