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Jerry Jones thinks an England NFL team is 'very possible'

The idea of an NFL franchise in England has been thrown around for a while, though it isn’t necessarily certain to happen. Alex Horne, the general secretary of the English Football Association, told the Times of London that they “owe it” to themselves to pursue “another tenant” for Wembley Stadium, home of the NFL game in London now, referring to an NFL franchise.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is amongst the owners who would support a London-based NFL franchise.

“I think that’s very possible and I’m very much for it,” Jones said, via Sky Sports.

The Cowboys will be playing the Jacksonville Jaguars at Wembley this season in the international series. The Jaguars have become regular visitors to london.

“We were very anxious we got to play there,” Jones said. “We went there in 92/93 I think for a pre-season game, not a regular season game, at Wembley and I’m very excited about it.

“We’ve got a lot of really great Dallas Cowboys fans in London.”

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