Nov 7, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen (69) celebrates his sack against the Washington Redskins in the fourth quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings win 34-27. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Free Agent Rumors: Jared Allen allegedly wanted $12 million a year before dropping asking price?

Earlier today, reports leaked suggested not only that Jared Allen was unlikely to sign with the Dallas Cowboys, but that he was commanding a salary of $10 million dollars per season.

That’s pretty lofty given Allen’s age and mildly declining skills, but shockingly – that’s cheaper than Allen’s original price.

According to Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports, Allen originally wanted to be paid $12 million a year before eventually dropping his asking price since teams understandably had no interest.

Reports were that Jared Allen was looking for $12 million a year in what he called a “fair” deal. The market has been set for pass-rushing defensive ends and it’s not $12 million a year.

As Allen is finding out, a market for an aging pass rusher at $10 million dollars a year is pretty thin, but at $12 million? It’s non-existent. That’s why Allen’s pit stop with the Seattle Seahawks and Dallas Cowboys has resulted in him leaving both destinations void of any deal.

Kirwan believes that Allen could potentially strike a deal that would pay him around $9 million dollars per season for four years.

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  • Mattia Rizzo

    4 years? Rushing the passer on a wheel-chair with a rock-scissors-paper move?

  • Geno Arambulo

    His greed disgusts me. I would rather a more passionate player of the game to be signed on a great team, not an overpaid player.

  • Matt Webber

    So many teams overpaying players this year its sad. Bennet of the Seahawks had 8.5 sacks and a whooping 18 tackles (like one per game) and he got almost 30 million for 4 years. Tyson Jackson got 25 mill over 5 years for 4 sacks total and under 30 tackles in 16 games. Paul Soliai has a whopping 5 year 32 million dollar contract for 19 tackles and just one sack. This league has gone stupid. Jared Allen has more then these guys (almost) combined as an example. I don’t think he’s worth 12 million but the NFL is ridiculous right now and you have to admit you would rather have Allen then these three guys. If not your a moron. Unless of course you don’t know math which obviously would not surprise me given the given comments already.

    • Bird OfPrey

      Did you really compare DT and 3-4 DE stats to pass rushing DE stats? I am not sure if you ever watched football but there is a difference between the way these guys play defense.

      • Matt Webber

        You clearly are missing my point. Also for a DE Allen is solid agains the run as well. All I am saying is if these guys get large contracts it would be foolish to think he will sign for only 6 million a year when guys like Peppers got 10 million and it is perceived he has lost a step (unlike Allen who still had 52 tackles and 11.5 sacks last year). I am fully aware DT’s are “space eaters” but guys like Soliai getting 32 million over 5 years? Its getting crazy.

  • William Yee

    Didn’t he just finish a 73 million contract with the Vikings ? Allen is nuts, a team shouldn’t offer him more than 6 million a year. He’s productive, but can’t pay a player at his age that much, only if he was a QB.

  • Jim Dowd

    dude is dellusional

  • three stoodge

    try 7 million a season with a guarantee of no more than 10 million