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2014 NFL Draft: four trades we want to see happen

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The 2014 NFL Draft is intriguing in the depth of talent that it touts. There are elite prospects at the top of the draft board, polarizing personalities, and positions that are loaded with good players.

With a deep draft comes a greater likelihood that we will see trades on draft day. Teams that are in a position to acquire extra picks will be especially motivated to do so in a draft where they can conceivably reload and fill multiple holes on their roster. Meanwhile the teams that believe they are one or two impact players away from contention must weigh the risk of giving up picks or future picks to move up and get their guy.

In this entry we will cover trades we would like to see happen, whether it be because of the fascinating fallout that would ensue, the statement it would make about a team’s philosophy this off-season, or because of the fit for the draftee in question. And when I call on the collective “we,” of course, I really just mean “I.” Get it?

With that, here are the draft trades I would like to see happen this week.

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