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LeBron James commits his fifth foul (GIF)

Game five of the Eastern Conference Finals just is not going the way LeBron James had planned. Depending on how things play out, his plan to get some extra rest before appearing in the NBA Finals once again this season has been put on hold.

There are a number of statistical tidbits about this night for James that seem hard to believe. Entering the fourth quarter of the game James had more turnovers (3) than points (2). Furthermore, James had more fouls (5) than points (2). It is that number, those five fouls, that presented the true problem for the Heat as they tried to steal game five on the road.

Here is the 5th foul, committed in a scrum of a play as James and his nemesis Lance Stephenson tried to chase down a loose ball.


That meant that the Heat, coming off a tough third quarter in which they blew their lead, had to start the final quarter of this game without the best player in the league on the floor.

With that foul being committed and with James having a rough night, the King still somehow forgot his first lesson: if you are a superstar, then the cameras will always be on you.


Just another mistake from LeBron on a night where he made a few. Here’s betting it won’t happen again, at least not in this series.

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