Lookout app to protect against phone thieves

In today’s world, technology reigns supreme.  It keeps everyone connected, and can serve you at a moments notice.  It’s not to hard to imagine that one of the most helpless feelings is the moment you realize your phone has been stolen.  Lookout is making sure that users are protected.

Lookout currently focuses on taking care of users in regards to spyware and malware issues on their phones, but in the new upgrade on Wednesday, the focus has been turned to protecting users of stolen phones.  Within minutes of phone theft, Lookout will notify users of the suspicious activity.

“When you lose your phone, that’s one of the most helpless feelings you’ll ever have,” Greg Lou, senior product manager at Lookout, was recently quoted by Mashable.

The Lookout app will be customizable per user basis.  The app will detect theft by looking into airplane mode being switched on, the SIM card being removed, turning the phone, and even entering the wrong passcode.  Furthermore, the app can be configured based on whether the device is an iOS product or an Android based device.


On Android, the app will snap a photo with the front facing camera when the device is triggered.  The photo is then email to the user along with information in order to help file a police report for the phone.

“We’ve actually seen times where this amount of information is enough for law enforcement to actually go do something versus saying ‘tough luck,’” Lou also told Mashable.

The Andorid and iOS version of Lookout is free, but the Theft Alerts function requires a 2.99 monthly subscription or a 29.99 yearly fee.

In an effort to further protect your personal information as well as your smartphone, Lookout may be on to something here.  Only time will tell to what degree the technology catches on.

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