Jan 4, 2014; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) during the 2013 AFC wild card playoff football game against the Indianapolis Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

NFL Rumors: Chiefs won't pay Alex Smith more than $15 million per year?

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The Kansas City Chiefs still want Alex Smith as their quarterback and they’re willing to pay him handsomely to remain under center. But the question remains, how much does Alex Smith want?

We’ve heard rumors suggesting that Smith wants a contract worth more than the $126 million dollars handed out to Jay Cutler by the Chicago Bears, and it makes sense for Smith’s camp considering statistically he performed better than Cutler.

That said, paying an annual figure of $18+ million dollars to a quarterback like Smith isn’t smart financially which is why the Chiefs aren’t likely to do so, this according to ESPN’s Adam Teicher who says Kansas City is likely to offer more in the $14-15 million range per season.

 Jay Cutler got a $126 million contract from the Chicago Bears recently, or an average of $18 million over seven years. But I don’t see the Chiefs going that high for Smith. I’d be very surprised and I don’t think they should go to that number. I would think the Chiefs won’t go much if any past $14 million or $15 million. That’s a lot of ground to cover, so it’s fortunate they have nine months in which to get a deal done.

Whatever the case, even at $14-$15 million annually it’s a lot of money for what many consider to be a good game manager lacking a lot of franchise quarterback physical gifts.

Still it’s a much more reasonable figure for the Chiefs, who understandably don’t want to pay Smith the reported figures that approach Cutler territory.

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  • Reggie Flenory

    While i love alex smith as our qb he not worth 18 mill i think 14 mill a yr is more than fair the chiefs are gonna wait and see how he does this yr against a first place schedule we dont want a joe flacco situation where we folk over 100 mill and cant resign houston, jc or tamba

    • John Moore

      Good point. I would sign him for the $100 million, but I have no problem waiting to see if he has a bad year or gets injured badly or if one of the young guys blossoms. We could still extract a draft choice by franchising him with the intent to trade.

      • Reggie Flenory

        Yes sir i agree

  • Jon

    I say Alex Smith plays this season without a new contract, plays really well and then moves on to another team, say the Raiders, who still do not have a QB solution.

    • John Moore

      If he has a good year, we will franchise him or sign him. Or, if one of the young backups makes enough progress, (think a slightly different version of the Brees – Rivers situation with the Chargers) we could trade him for a first round draft choice. This assumes that Bray or Murray are really improving behind the scenes, much like Kaepernick was doing in SF behind Smith. I would love to see Bray step up. What an arm. No brain, but what an arm.

    • micah stephenson

      D.Carr will b better than ASS11.

  • area

    just more spin doctoring by a supposed insider. No “per sources” or even a nod to someone on the inside of what is actually happening. This is a useless article that I actually resent myself for commenting to.
    Here’s a similar comparison: Vernon Davis had 850 all purpose yards last year and is holding out on voluntary ota’s for compensation.
    I have personally ate 850 all purpose hot chicken wings (I hate mild chicken wings) and am currently holding out on negotiations with Buffalo Wild Wings (copyright extended).
    Guess what..Buffalo Wild Wings has no idea who I am and the author of the piece (boy am I using titles loosely today) has no idea as to the nature of the negotiations of AS11 to the KC Chiefs.

    • John Walsh

      That’s what is so laughable about the whole thing. Everything is posted under the heading of “rumors” and the “sources” are always anonymous. When Smith’s wife called one of the reporters on that, he had nothing to say in reply. You have not idea, I have no idea, the writers have no idea. In the case of writers, they don’t have any idea and they can writer pretty much whatever they like. However, there is a reasonably good chance that Smith’s wife knows exactly what is going on. :)

  • paul pace

    Smith will sigh with the Chiefs. It is just a matter of when so I am not really concerned with all of this so called insider information that is being pushed out from people who pretend to know what is going on. Who really knows what is going on behind the scenes except for the parties involved. These sports writers put this stuff out all the time just to generate a lot of speculation and to basically earn their paychecks.

  • John Moore

    He’s better than Cutler. He’s better than Romo. QB pay is going up, not down. You gots to pay him. He won’t work for a lot less than he could get in free agency. It ain’t gonna happen. You gots to pay him. When is the last time we had a good QB? You gots to pay him. Where are we without him? You gots to pay him. The salary cap is going up rapidly. You gots to pay him. He gets better every year. You gots to pay him. He was absolutely, positively sensational in the playoff game last year. Best playoff performance, BY FAR AND AWAY, by a KC QB in the history of the franchise. By far. This ain’t rocket surgery. You gots to pay him.

  • John Moore

    The salary cap is going up 7%-10% next year, and will continue to increase over the years. 6yr/$107 million would be a piece of cake for the Chiefs. Don’t live in the past. Salaries go up. $100 million plus is now the norm for good, not even great QBs. It’s just the way it is. Just sign him. I promise you, prices next off season will be higher for QBs than this off season.

  • Kcfan

    I am a big smith fan, but if he thinks he deserves more than 4 year 60 million then we should play it out, franchise him for a year, turn it over to Murray.