Apple WWDC 2014: Apple introduces ‘HomeKit’

Long rumored to appear during WWDC 2014, Apple has introduced “HomeKit”, their way of literally working into our homes.

Similar to what was visible in Disney’s “Smart House”, the ability to control things in our home solely by voice is here. Introduced by Apple’s Craig Federighi, he insisted that HomeKit is a “common network protocol with secure networking to ensure only your iPhone can open your garage door or unlock your door.”

Connected with Siri, you will be able to control things such as the lights around your house, the opening and closing of the garage door, dimming your lights, and control the temperature on the thermometer as Federighi explained.

With iOS 8 and OS X Mavericks being the highlight of the conference, Apple didn’t go into the extreme depths of HomeKit, but gave the world enough to grasp the concept. As they are doing with healthcare, Apple’s sudden want to delve into the home system plays into their love for complete integration. As Apple reveals more and more on HomeKit it won’t be a surprise to see what you will and won’t be able to do, but you can pretty much guarantee that the use of all Apple devices will be visible here, including the Mac computer.

The future is here for Apple.

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