Apple WWDC 2014: Apple reaveals HealthKit app for iPhone

Apple just revolutionized the health game.  As companies like Nike and Jawbone continue to push consumers forward with their health products, Apple wants to make sure they are at the forefront of the health world.  Apple wants you to meet HealthKit.

HealthKit is the new app on iOS 8 that will revolutionize the health focused consumer.  As Health, Apple’s app that integrates with HealthKit, evolves, the information for consumers will only grow.

HealthKit will track users vital signs and watch over them as they complete tasks and interact with the world throughout the day.  Apple has continued to work with Nike in getting the Nike+ app to integrate with HealthKit and auto update the changes between a users body and their reported information.

More importantly, HealthKit is working alongside the Mayo Clinic in what is truly a revolutionary feat.  HealthKit will have the ability to alert a doctor should the user fall into a region of dangerously bad health conditions.  Should your blood pressure rise or HealthKit report abnormal health issues, a notification can be sent to a doctor on your behalf to get something scheduled as a precautionary measure.

With the buy in of the Mayo Clinic CEO, Apple and HealthKit have something truly unbelievable on their hands.

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