iOS 8 will allow users to scan credit cards

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Apple recently unveiled its newest entrant into mobile operating systems with iOS 8 at its Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this week.

Although a handful of information was released regarding the technology, information that didn’t see face time continues to find its way to users.

Apple intends to release iOS 8 this fall, likely alongside the new iPhone 6, and the technology on the mobile operating system will allow users to scan their credit cards.  Through technology incorporated into the camera of iPhones, iOS 8 will be able scan your credit card information and translate the image to text.

The optical character recognition technology will allow users to forgo having to enter credit card information by hand, and will ease the purchase of products on iPhone or iPad.  Apple is looking to continue to advance their payment technology, and the next step looks to be pushing further into near-field communications technology.

Android has utilized the near-field communications technology for a while now, but Apple’s closest attempt has come in the form off Passbook.  While Passbook has been a sleek application, it has yet to catch on or be widely accepted.

At this point, the market for mobile payments and digital wallets is still growing, but nothing has set it to really take off.  As Apple continue to dabble into the technology and push its own products forward, it can only be expected to advance the industry as a whole.

With many consumers taking a wait and see approach with making their money available digitally, it will more than likely take the buy in of several large companies to put the wheels in motion for the technology to take off.

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