Jun 5, 2014; San Antonio, TX, USA; Miami Heat forward LeBron James (6) reacts on the bench after an injury in the fourth quarter against the San Antonio Spurs in game one of the 2014 NBA Finals at AT&T Center. The Spurs beat the Heat 110-95. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

LeBron James’ cramps explained by a doctor

LeBron James’ cramps have been discussed almost non-stop since last night, with plenty of people offering smart, balanced takes, but too many giving dumb, hot sports takes and making terrible jokes about it.

One person who has done something smart in relation to the cramps, was Dan Feldman of Pro Basketball Talk, who reached out to an actual doctor to discuss the cramping problem LeBron suffered from. Check out some of his responses below.

From Pro Basketball Talk:

Q: Eighteen players appeared in Game 1. LeBron was the only one to leave with cramps. Why was that, and what does that say about him?

A: It doesn’t say anything about him. It’s just the way it happened.

That’s not a medical question. That’s a philosophic question. Why do some people get sick and other people don’t? It just happened to him this time. So, if you’re ever on a plane and someone is sick and sneezes, a couple passengers are going to get sick in a couple days and a couple aren’t. Why those two instead of someone else?

Maybe that means he was working harder than someone else on the field. Maybe he was stressing his body more because he was more energetic and expended more energy and worked his muscles harder.

Wait, but I thought it’s a sign of his weakness? You mean it’s just something that happens sometimes? Huh.

Q: One LeBron left the game, could he or the Heat have done something differently to get him back on the court?

A: There’s really not enough time in that last four or five minutes of the game to get him better. It’s the equivalent of having an NFL player going in at halftime and getting IV fluids and getting back out there the second half.

What happens is the muscles become inflamed, and they go into spasm. It’s usually the large muscles that go into spasm, so a runner or basketball player, though they use their upper body, it’s going to be their legs and their quads and their hamstrings that get tight – their major jumping muscles.

So, you not only have to get the muscles stretched out and decrease the inflammation, but you also have to replace the fluids. If he’s not vomiting, he can take the fluids in by mouth, but a lot of times, if you want an elite athlete back quickly, you probably have to do IV fluids.

Oh, so he couldn’t have just “played through it?” Huh. Weird again.

Unfortunately people will still say dumb things about LeBron because people love to say dumb things about LeBron. All we can hope to do is educate them.

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  • Real M-Fing talk !!!

    When a doctor has to come out an explain a player’s cramps, you know its big news… if Duncan had cramps it would not blow up twitter

    One thing these haters do not understand… They are building Lebron’s Legacy for him Jordan never faced the type of scrutiny Lebron has to go through
    Lebron was criticized game to game, But that was not enough because Lebron has very few bad games So haters had to go deeper ! SO they….

    Lebron is criticized after ever missed shot
    Lebron is criticized after any poor shooting game
    Lebron is criticized after every bad defensive play
    Lebron is criticized after the refs gives him free throws
    Lebron is criticized after every missed free throw
    Lebron is criticized after every bad 4th quarter
    Lebron is criticized after not scoring in the last 5 minutes after a game
    Lebron is criticized after not scoring in the last 4 minutes after a game
    Lebron is criticized after not scoring in the last 3 minutes after a game
    Lebron is criticized after not scoring in the last 2 minutes after a game
    Lebron is criticized after not scoring in the last 1 minutes after a game
    Lebron is criticized after not taking the last shot
    Lebron is criticized after missing the last shot
    Lebron is criticized after the Heat win because the refs helped and he joined Superstars
    This is why Lebron will be the great, Jordan was not judged every minute on the court

    Lebron is a better all around player than Jordan ever was, Jordan is more in the Durant, Melo Kobe mold, they are volume shooters and if they are not shooting they are not very effective. The only reason Jordan is number one is because he was the best player on a team that won, Rings are a team accomplishment, Lebron may not win 6 rings but he will go down as a better player than Jordan…