Nov 17, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills fans celebrate a touchdown by the team during the first half against the New York Jets at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Potential Buffalo Bills buyer thinks team may need dome to stay in New York

There are many questions surrounding the Buffalo Bills and their future in New York, but one of the lesser asked questions amid those about who will buy the team is will a new stadium be needed to keep the team in Buffalo. The short answer is yes, as building a new State of the Art arena is something that may force the NFL to block a relocation bid by a new owner and could be a saving grace for the Bills.

But if a new stadium is built, will it have a dome? That’s the question being asked by some Bills dans as it’s been proposed by a potential buyer for the team.

Tom Golisano told the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle that he believes in order for the Bills to stay where they are and avoid having to move out West to Los Angeles, a domed stadium is needed to combat the harsh winter climates in Buffalo.

“My guess, and it’s strictly a guess, is the stadium will be covered. I don’t know if it’ll have a sliding roof or just a permanent roof, but my guess is it will be covered. And the state government, our governor and some of our U.S. senators are very much in favor of this happening.”

This seems like a really stupid idea, but that may just be the hardcore, old school football fan in us who thinks all stadiums need to be open air and we all need to suffer frostbite to become true fans. Most people that are for open air stadiums in cold weather cities aren’t the ones going to games. Sitting in a controlled climate is the most ideal situation for football and it might be what Buffalo needs.

No one is talking about a closed dome style like the Superdome or old Metrodome. Rather, a retractable domed stadium may be a perfect fit for Buffalo and if it keeps the team in town, fans will no doubt get behind it.

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  • chas territo

    I’ve stated this many times before. Retractable dome, yes. Multiple events can be held there and even a SuperBowl. The waterfront is a very good choice for the stadium. Windmills and solar panels to cut Electricity costs. tear down the Grain silo’s and demolish the Skyway. thus jobs are created for local work force. The State, Count abd City share the costs of rebuilding the infrastructure. This way the Stadium and jobs are local. Is there a better idea than this? I sure haven’t heard of it. GO BILLS!!