X-Games 2014: Dakota Roche happy to see Garrett Reynolds win, take gold Medal away

The X-Games is a competition and athletes are trying to perform better than their peers to win a medal. It is also an event where sportsmanship and friendship runs rampant.

Heading into the final runs of the BMX Street Park final, Dakota Roche was holding onto first place with a score of 89.33. Barely behind him were Dennis Enarson and  and Garrett Reynolds with a score of 89.

Reynolds came up for his third and final run of the the competition, and put up on an incredible run that landed him in first place with a score of 90.66.

What might be even more shocking was that Roche was cheering Reynolds on, and it was Roche that Reynolds took the gold medal away from with that run.

“Personally, Garrett is one of my favorite riders,” Roche said. “Being on the course with him and these guys, I don’t care. Honestly I was stoked to make the finals, let alone being in the first position for a little bit.

“I’m not used to being up there, it felt crazy. I’m going to cheer on my friend regardless.”

Reynolds interrupted him at one point to thank him for naming him as their favorite. It is that same friendly attitude that has alienated some in the sport like snowboarder Shaun White who is called too competitive.

Roche and Reynolds genuinely appeared to be pleased with their runs and how everything turned out in the press conference. Here are the final results again.

1 Garrett Reynolds 85.00 89.00 90.66 90.66
2 Dakota Roche 89.33 86.66 82.00 89.33
3 Dennis Enarson 88.33 89.00 85.66 89.00
4 Jeremiah Smith 85.66 86.66 77.00 86.66
5 Ty Morrow 81.33 79.00 83.00 83.00
6 Broc Raiford 82.66 80.00 79.66 82.66

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