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Mike Pettine says Johnny Manziel easier to deal with than Tim Tebow

Johnny Manziel has been in and out of the headlines ever since he became the starting quarterback for Texas A&M. And now that he’s in the NFL, it hasn’t slowed down. Love him or hate him, he’s always going to be front and center.

A lot of people are annoyed by the constant coverage, but Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine is not one of them. In fact, he says Manziel is easier to deal with than Tim Tebow.

From Eye on Football via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer

So how does Johnny Manziel Mania compare to the Tent of Tebow? Pettine said, via the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, that it’s “easier” because it’s “different.”

“The circumstances are different,” Pettine said. “Tebow was an established NFL player, he wasn’t coming in as a rookie, unproven. It’s a little easier for us with Manziel because he understands he earned Johnny Football as a college player and nobody understands it more than him. It’s like, ‘Listen, I don’t want to be named starter coming out of the draft.’”

Pettine pointed out any criticism over Manziel not being named the starter is unfounded, mainly because of the “process” he needs to go through in order to win the job.

Johnny Manziel’s circus is ‘easier’ than the one surrounding Tim Tebow.

“People criticize us for referring to him as a backup. That’s what he is,” Pettine said. “It would have been a disservice to the other 80-some players in the locker room and it would have been a disservice to him carrying that burden of ‘What have you done to deserve this?’ We all want him to be successful but there is a process that has to occur and he has to go through it.”

If you’re annoyed by the Manziel coverage so far, then prepare yourself, because it’s only going to get worse. But for the most part, Manziel is just living his life and the media makes sure you know about it. This isn’t Manziel looking for attention. He’s just a 21 year old goof who has a lot of money. So focus your complaints toward the media who keeps making a big deal out of everything he does, and not Manziel himself.

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