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Fans don't believe Pete Carroll would have stayed to fix USC problems

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll recently went on record as saying he didn’t leave his position as USC’s head coach due to the impending firestorm that was coming from the NCAA. In fact, had he known, he said he would have stayed to fix the problems.

The sanctions that were handed down to USC severely crippled the Trojans in terms of scholarships and bowl game appearances, and many of the violations happened on Carroll’s watch.

So what do fans say about Carroll’s assertion?

They’re calling bull…well, you know the game.

In a poll conducted by ESPN’s FanNation, 80% of responding fans don’t think Carroll’s story holds water. The most interesting part is a map of the responses, which clearly show that folks in Washington believe their savior and Super Bowl winning coach can do no wrong.

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Seriously, if Carroll wanted to abandon the cruel and impoverished surroundings of Southern California, then fine. But own it. His exit was not a cathartic one for the Trojans, and indeed looked more visceral on Carroll’s part. He knew what was coming, and needed to save face.

Had he stayed, how could he have possibly fixed the problem, when in truth, he was much of the problem. The penalties would have been just as severe (if not more) had he stayed in place, and the Seahawks would still be a franchise squandering talent and unsuccessfully slugging their way through a talented NFC West.

Have to side with the nation of fans here. I’m calling BS.


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  • ian campbell

    lets get our facts straight here. USC got in trouble for something they “should have known” 200 miles off campus. when compared to every other school its hard to see what the NZAA had planned for USC. so to say Pete left 5 months in advance of the sanctions because he knew what was coming is false. because nobody knew. maybe i would feel different if his name was part of the infractions but it was not he was cleared 100%.

  • RF Lee

    I am a PC backer, YET, I wish he would have said this earlier, NOT NOW AFTER the sanctions are now over. I understand why he waited, but by waiting, he “looks” more guilty though he is not as @disqus_y6sUGszwZl:disqus states, it was 5 months AFTER he left and NO ONE knew WHAT type of sanctions were coming.

    Another point, WHY is PH NOW saying he feels the sanctions are “unfair”. He would not argue for an appeal taking the lumps, totally against what Trojan Faithful wanted. At least MG spoke his dissatisfaction with an ncaa COI emotional decision (facts still do not point to “cheating”, and how is getting money “cheating”?)

    Now ALL is done, leave PC alone because HE did a GREAT job returning USC to prominence after dismal years under Tollner & Hackett.