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Buffalo Bills want to change law, serve beer earlier

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When it comes to beer sales at any professional sporting event, they’re usually regulated pretty hard. Want beer at an NBA game? Better grab it before the fourth quarter. Need a last chug of the frosty stuff at an MLB game? You better rush to the concession stand before the end of the sixth inning. Care to cool down with one at an NFL game? Make sure you can grab one before the third quarter comes to an end.

Needless to say, beer regulations are pretty tight and that’s not even including when you can actually begin to purchase a beer at professional sporting events.

Most teams allow alcohol sales an hour prior to the game, but that’s something the Buffalo Bills are attempting to change says WGRZ.

“The Buffalo Bills are pushing for a new law that would allow them to start selling beer during home games an hour earlier, according to the office of Assemblyman Sean Ryan.

The new law would allow the Bills to sell beer starting at 11 a.m for a 1 p.m. home game. Under current law, the team cannot begin selling beer until noon.”

While it might sound a little silly, the bill has already been introduced and is currently waiting on a sponsor in the senate.

So what’s the reasoning behind it? The Bills believe it will create a safer environment as it will take fans out of the tailgate lot where a lot of questionable activities occur. But obviously, the real reason here is that it lines the pockets of the Bills and their beverage vendor just that much more.

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