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NBA Draft Rumors: Suns could attempt to trade picks to Nuggets?

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They say you can never have too much of a good thing, but for the Phoenix Suns, they actually have too many first round draft picks.

It’s not a problem many teams ever find themselves dealing with, but thanks to some smooth front office moves over the course of the past few seasons, the Suns currently own the No. 14, No. 18 and No. 27 picks in the first round of June’s NBA Draft. The Suns also own a second round pick as well.

Only issue with the first round picks? They’re guaranteed contracts, meaning whomever the Suns select, they’re going to be forced to pay. They’re also going to have to use a roster spot on them, something you don’t really want to waste on a bunch of rookies unless you have no desire to contend for the upcoming season and the Suns believe they’re a playoff team so it’s within reason to believe Phoenix may attempt to package some of their selections.

ESPN’s Chad Ford, during his weekly chat, hinted that the Denver Nuggets could be a potential beneficiary.

“Maybe 11 to Denver. All 3 of those picks won’t buy them much.”

As mentioned earlier, the Suns own the No. 14 pick so they’d only be moving up three spots in the said scenario but they’d also eliminate the scenario of having to draft three first round players. They could also opt to sell off their No. 18 and/or No. 27 pick as many teams are said to be in the market for a late first round pick.

Either way, they appear to have multiple options.

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  • AZJohn

    I’m a long time Sun’s fan . I like the team we have now. Sure getting Love would be nice but at what expense ? Monroe from Detroit would be a nice fit
    Too many picks is a good kind of problem; like your pants won’t fit because your penis is too big, or you have to pay taxes quarterly because you make so much.

    • AzAmp

      I am as well a long time suns. I too love the chemistry and the te we currently have. I think we need to lock down Bledsoe long term before we have to start matching contracts. If we could trade 2 of our first round picks and Frye for Love, we have a team that can compete with anyone. Hopefully Len and Goodwin can step up and nd have breakouts this yeat.

      GO SUNS

      • AZJohn

        Love that trade Do it in a heartbeat

  • Adam

    If they are only going to move up 3 spots…Id love to see a trade where we give up 14 + 27. I don’t know if we can pull that off…but come on…it’s 3 spots. Moving up to #11 MIGHT be enough to get us Harris or Stauskis…both of whom would be good fits. Then, at #18 we could still get good talent to develop (Hood?).

    If we are trading #14 + #18…then I would hope we would move up enough to grab someone like Randle!