Tweetdeck hit by XSS security vulnerability

Twitter users are typically looking to find the quickest and most efficient way to share and spread information.  TweetDeck, a popular Twitter client allowing for a much more enhanced interface as well as a greater ease of use, become subject to an XSS vulnerability this morning.

With TweetDeck, users link their accounts to their Twitter account for access to posting, following, and other functions of the service.  Due to a recent XSS vulnerability, Twitter accounts of TweetDeck users could have become at risk.

Chris Williams, twitter handle @diodesign, explains the issue:

XSS means Twitter isn’t stripping dangerous code from tweets, allowing JavaScript to run in the context of another user. This is bad.

Twitter was immediately notified of the issue and got to work on the problem swiftly.  As the service, both TweetDeck and Twitter, has grown in popularity, more people share information and rely on the security of each.

Twitter acted quickly against the vulnerability and just recently tweeted:

A security issue that affected TweetDeck this morning has been fixed. Please log out of TweetDeck and log back in to fully apply the fix.

Thankfully, Twitter was on top of the vulnerability and sprang into action quickly.  Logging out of TweetDeck and logging back in should shore up the problem.  It is something to continue to monitor though.

Should your account continue to have issues, it may be best to login to Twitter directly and revoke the access TweetDeck has to your account until everything is back up and running smoothly.

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