iRing puts music making in your hands

As the wearables category continues to grow in popularity, so do the applications for different technologies.  Now, there is a new piece of technology that takes composing music out of the instrument and directly places it into your hands, by waving them.  The iRing is a motion controller wearable that users can utilize to create different effects in music by waving their hands.

The iRing is created by IK Multimedia, and has multiple different uses.  The device uses motion controlled technology to allow users to create changes in music by waving their hands.

iRing is a double-sided device featuring three linear dots on one side and three dots in a triangular pattern on the reverse.

Used in conjunction with the camera on the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, each different movement or gesture creates a different result with the music.  Bass can be controlled to drop in or out as well as adjusting mutliple different facets of the musical experience as a whole.

Currently, there are two seperate apps that the iRing works alongside.  The apps are entitled the iRing Music Maker, and iRing FX/Controller.  iRing Music Maker is meant for a casual user, whereas iRing FX/Controller is for those who want to use it to create audio effects and have a more in-depth experience with the device.

While the technology is definitely cutting edge, the price point is much more affordable.  iRing costs $25 and comes in a pack of two.  Both applications can be downloaded for use for free.

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