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Twitter updates to allow embedding within tweets

The latest update to the Twitter app on both iOS and Android devices comes in the form of a very small, but useful bit of functionality.  Now, on both types of devices, users are able to embed tweets directly within other tweets.

Often times users are seen referencing a previous tweet in order to prove a point or recall something, now, thanks to the new update, users are able to embed the tweet directly rather than just linking the previous tweet.

In terms of aesthetics and visual clarity, the update provides a much cleaner solution.

As with referencing a tweet before, users will still just simply copy the link and place it in the new tweet.

Instead of showing up as a clickable link, the url will automatically embed into the new tweet and provide an image of what the user is trying to reference.


At this time, the update has only been rolled out to the mobile iOS and Android platforms.  When viewing a tweet online, the link will still appear as it has before, rather than showing the embedded image.

While the embedding feature isn’t much, it is a very smart move by Twitter.  Although it doesn’t do a ton in terms of functionality, it creates a much more clean viewing experience.  Also, Twitter is suggesting that the mobile platforms are where they are most focused in only rolling out the update on mobile devices.

Whether proving a point or referencing a past statement, make sure to check out the newest Twitter feature on your mobile device today.

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