Adobe brings Lightroom to iPhone

Adobe is making some big splashes today in the technology world.  All of Adobe’s mobile applications were updated on Wednesday, as well as the company releasing new versions of its Creative Cloud suite, including desktop applications like Photoshop and Illustrator.

On the mobile side of things, Adobe rolled out Lightroom for iPhone on top of three new iPad apps.  Two of the applications are for drawing functions, Line and Sketch, while the third is an image-editing app Photoshop Mix.

Lightroom on the iPhone follows many of the cues the same application on the iPad has laid out.  The application itself syncs with the Creative Cloud and allows users to work with large files without storing them on the specific device.  Photos are also synced across all of a users devices.

On the iPad side of things, Photoshop Mix allows users to quickly and efficiently create and mask layered images.  Adobe is heavily touting the masking tool as being one of the most advanced on a mobile platform ever.  The functionality and ease of use are also unprecedented.

Line and Sketch are designed to be utilized both with and without Adobe’s accessory stylus products, Ink and Slide.  Both Line and Sketch are focused on separate mechanics of drawing as well.  Line is more for precise mechanics while sketch is centered around free form drawing.

Through the Creative Cloud, Adobe updated 14 of its 16 desktop applications.  Photoshop is being given a strong update in the form of a faster working system as well as new blur effects.

Being a Creative Cloud customer, all of the desktop apps are available as free downloads immediately.

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