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Jun 12, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) during minicamp at Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Brady Quinn says Johnny Manziel should be like Russell Wilson

Brady Quinn is really worried about Johnny Manziel. He will say as much to anyone who stands still long enough to get caught in an interview with Brady Quinn. Now, Quinn doesn’t just want to give Manziel some rules by which to live, he wants to offer a positive example for Johnny Football.

According to CBS Sports, Quinn is high on his new new quarterback partner and is sending some advice back to Cleveland on what Johnny Manziel should be like.

“I always revert back to Russell Wilson. That’s the kind of role model I’d want for my franchise. And I don’t understand why [Manziel] can’t interject more of that into his life. He’s got such a following. So then try to do it in a positive way, to help kids who are sick or people who are homeless, whatever it is, but just try to do it in a more positive manner.”

One could certainly do worse than emulating the attitude and work ethic of Seahawks QB and defending Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson. Wilson has been lauded for his dedication and professionalism since his Wisconsin days. However, Johnny Manziel isn’t Russell Wilson and Wilson isn’t Manziel. Humans are different and stuff, and maybe someone needs remind Quinn of as much. Let’s not forget that Brady Quinn was a choir boy in Cleveland for all the good that did anyone.

It’s easier to defend Manziel at this point because the precocious Texas A&M product hasn’t done anything wrong. As Browns head coach Mike Pettine noted in that CBS piece, Manziel did ‘nothing illegal’ in his infamous trip to Las Vegas and he’s done nothing illegal to this point in his NFL career. If being brash and loud is what gets Johnny Football ready for football, then so be it. We’re all our own creatures at the end of the day, judged by our actions more than anything else.

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If Manziel stays out of trouble off the field, then his on-field persona will be more an amusement than a deterrent. He will have the chance to prove his doubters wrong in less than two months on August 9th when he can start taking preseason snaps in an effort to dethrone QB Brian Hoyer from the QB1 spot on Cleveland’s depth chart.

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