Health and Fitness apps growing at a ridiculous rate

The world has changed the way in which people interact with one another, and even more so, they way in which people interact with technology.  One of the most overused New Year’s resolutions are those of the healthy lifestyle variety.  Although often times abandoned, it seems that people are sticking to this way of life more and more.  With the growth of technology, health and fitness apps have seen usage go up 62% in the last six months.

Thanks to some investigating by Flurry Insights, health and fitness apps are growing 87% faster than any other category.

Obviously the category would not continue to thrive without considerable industry support.  Health and fitness apps have been backed by new technology devices like the FitBit and Jawbone Up, even as far back as the Nike Fuelband.  The big release that should help the category grow even further, is Apple’s iWatch.

Apple recently introduced at its Worldwide Developers Conference, that they would be bringing HealthKit to the newest iOS software.  HealthKit would be able to pull information from third-party applications and store it all in one place, as well as alerting providers of risk information.

Although last year saw mobile app usage grow by 115%, it is the backing of major companies like Apple, supporting the health and fitness category, that have continued to contribute to the rise of the category.  Flurry Insights also noted that women (62%) seem to be more interested in tracking their health and fitness than men (48%).

While the category continues to grow, it is interesting to see that it is the technology companies backing it.  Although gaming companies like Microsoft and Sony failed to make much of a dent into the fitness category with their movement based games, technological companies creating wearable devices and paired apps are reaping significant rewards.

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