Yo app gets hacked

Maybe you haven’t yet heard of Yo, but the app has grown to some serious new heights as far as downloads go.  Yo is a messaging application for both iPhone and Android devices that simply lets users send the message “Yo” to one another.  As silly as it seems, the app just began to gain mainstream momentum.

Talking to Mashable, Yo creator Or Arbel, mentioned that “a few guys tried to hack” the application and that “they did succeed to some extent.”

In a tweet that has since been deleted, Yo’s twitter (@YoAppStatus) mentioned:

We working on the securities issues that came to our attention. We want you to know we take this very seriously.

TechCrunch has since reported that they received an email from a college student claiming the hacks.  Apparently the goal of the college student was to gain access to Yo users phone numbers as well as to “spoof Yo’s from any users.”

Apparently, Arbel has reached out to the college students behind the hack and they are working to help close the security breach together.

Although the application released in April, not much had been made about it.  Recently, The Financial Times reported that the Yo app has generated over $1 million in allowing users to simply send Yo back and forth to one another.

Obviously with a small application, the success wasn’t exactly anticipated.  It seems as though the Arbel should have plenty of money to work to shoe up some of Yo’s security issues though.

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