Apr 8, 2014; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love (42) in action in the first quarter against the San Antonio Spurs forward Boris Diaw (33) at Target Center. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love playfully suggests he wants to play for San Antonio Spurs

The idea of Kevin Love playing for the World Champion San Antonio Spurs seems extremely unlikely and it is, but the Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star decided to ruffle a few feathers recently when he playfully suggested that he’d like to join their franchise.

Love, who has yet to experience postseason play was in Manila as a special guest of the Master Game Face All-Star Basketball Challenge recently and although he wouldn’t talk about trade rumors specifically, he was asked when he thinks he’ll eventually get to play in and win an NBA Finals matchup.

The three-time All-Star quickly suggested that he’d like to try and make the playoffs first, though, suggested life would be a lot easier if he could just team up with the Spurs.

“Ooh, that’s tough to say. (First) I would have to crack the playoffs. I’ve been coached by some great coaches and been with young teams.”

“If there’s a way I can jump on that Spurs roster then I can get on that road to the NBA championship. Hopefully it becomes soon, I’m 25 now, maybe when I’m 26.”

Oh, Kevin Love. Commence an internet explosion, if such was to happen.

Of course, the Spurs don’t have any of the necessary players and/or draft picks that the Minnesota Timberwolves would require in a trade and a multi-team deal would appear out of the question for the same reasoning, so it’s nothing more than a pipe dream – something Love seems rather aware of himself.

Still, the fact Kevin Love even said something should have the internet set ablaze, especially given that whole free agent thing after the upcoming season…

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  • Kory Kuhl

    Not as far fetched as you think. He could easily play with the wolves one more year then come to the Spurs after Duncan and Ginobili retire.

    • Justin1978

      Do you really think he will play for the Wolves next year? My guess is he gets traded. How good are the Spurs going to be when Duncan retires anyways? To assume they will be a championship level team without Tim Duncan is crazy. Manu too.

      • Kory Kuhl

        It’s crazy to assume the Spurs brain won’t find pieces to pair with Leonard to keep them at a high level.

        • Justin1978

          I don’t think the Spurs are going to stink or anything, but the reason they have so good for so long is because of Pop, Duncan, Manu and Parker. The Spurs do a great job finding pieces, but they have never signed a big time free agent. They have drafted their best players. They lucked out to get the #1 pick when Duncan was in the draft. If that didn’t happen, there would be no dynasty. My guess is Leonard will never be the player Parker, Duncan or Manu were in their prime. They are 3 hall of famers. They are not easily replaced. I just think people like you are undervaluing just how good Tim Duncan is. He’s the best player of his time and is still great. It would be crazy to assume you can just replace what he has given the team. You can’t replace that. I just think the Spurs would have to trade for Love and they don’t have the pieces unless they trade Leonard. I think the team that ends up with Love will be the one who trades for him.

          • Kory Kuhl

            Oh I don’t undervalue Tim Duncan, no one does. Not if they’re a Spurs fan or basketball fan in general. He’s a first ballot hall of Famer, one of the best to ever step on the court. I’ve been a SA fan since before him so don’t be foolish and think that I undervalue him, I know what it was like before him and Pop took over. You can’t replace that, and I’m not assuming or saying that the Spurs can replace that. Great players can never be replaced, but you have to move on. And yes the Spurs were lucky to get him, obviously, that’s what the draft lottery is man. The worst team rarely gets the top pick, everyone knows the Spurs were lucky. And Manu And Parker will be hall of famers too but don’t forget that Parker was a late 1st round pick and Manu was a 2nd round pick, so that’s the Spurs organization finding them and molding them into the players they are. I don’t think either of them would be the same player they have been without Pop. The Spurs will have to move on from Duncan and Manu, no you can’t replace them, but they have to move on. I’m not suggesting Loe would replace Duncan, but he’d be a great player to pair with Kawhi and Tony, cause Parker isn’t retiring as soon as Manu and Tim. Kawhi will be a great player for the Spurs, don’t undervalue and underestimate him. The Spurs organization will find a way to be great after Duncan, it’ll happen. And Kawhi will be a great player when it’s all said and done, wait and see. Someone probably will trade for Love, but if they do they’ll probably give too much. No way the Spurs would trade Leonard, that would defeat the purpose of going after Love. All I was saying is if Love really wanted to play for the Spurs he would just have to be patient and play for the wolves one more year and come here in free agency, Duncan and Manu will be off the books and the Spurs will have a ton of cap room. No one is comparing Love to Duncan, or saying he could replace Duncan, that’s foolish.

          • Justin1978

            I remember what it was like before Duncan. The Spurs won 55, 62 and 59 games before winning 20 and landing the #1 pick. I am curious to see how good the Spurs will be without Robinson or Duncan. They won 20 games the last time they had neither. The Spurs are awesome right now and it’s tough to doubt them, but you don’t replace all time greats. What will probably happen is the Spurs will win the title next year, Duncan and Manu will retire. They will then miss the playoffs and land the #1 pick when a Duncan, Lebron, Durant or once in a generation player is available in the draft and win 50 games for another 20 years. Most of the stuff you say is 100% accurate. I just don’t think it will be easy to replace the big 3 in SA. They just buy into everything so much, the role players have to also. I guess I just wonder what will happen if they actually go through a bad stretch without Duncan. I am very jealous of Spurs fans by the way.

          • Kory Kuhl

            I’m interested to see how they do too to be honest with you, I agree with them winning next year and retiring. But yeah I feel super lucky being a spurs fan haha