Jun 12, 2014; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel (2) during minicamp at Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland writer suggests Johnny Manziel could be an alcoholic

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Johnny Manziel is certainly a young man who enjoys his fun and his babes and his booze, but is there something more going on than Manziel just being a regular party animal? Is it time to worry that Johnny Manziel might be a flat out alcoholic?

At least one Cleveland writer thinks so. In her latest column, Mary Kay Cabot wonders aloud if it isn’t time for the Browns to have Manziel checked out. In a response to a mailbag question about Manziel’s behavior and whether it’s time for him to stop the partying and get it together, Cabot says:

Yes, it is time for Johnny Manziel to buckle down and focus on winning the starting quarterback job. It’s also time for the Browns and other people in Manziel’s life to pull him aside and address his drinking. I’m guessing the Browns are already doing this, but keeping it private. With the pattern Manziel has shown since being drafted, it’s time to have him evaluated by a chemical dependency counselor to make sure he doesn’t have a problem. If he checks out okay, he needs to follow Joe Haden’s advice: when he and his friends are out, put away the phones.

This is crazy talk, Mary Kay Cabot. Yes, we’ve seen pictures of Johnny Manziel doing stuff that drunk people do, like floating around on an inflatable swan with a big bottle. But it’s a long way from that to assuming the guy is an alcoholic.

Ask yourself, has Johnny Manziel done anything really bad? Has he punched anyone during a bar brawl? Has he driven a car into a fire hydrant? Has he molested anyone?

Partying a lot doesn’t make you an alcoholic. The Browns certainly know what the deal is with Johnny and whether they need to be worried. If they’re not concerned, then Mary Kay Cabot and the other uptight idiots in the media have no reason to be concerned.

Maybe Mary Kay Cabot is the one who needs to get checked out. For having no life.

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  • trinity

    Actually, this has long been speculated before her article. a large amount of his problems have happened while he was drunk. To answer your question, yes he has punched someone while drunk. He got into a drunken fight during his time at A&M, and he was thrown in jail that night. he has said publicly that he will slow the drinking, and the Texans reportedly asked him to avoid his usual behavior before the draft. He said he would. then turned around and got wasted at the Masters, and ended up making an embarrassing scene. Reportedly, it’s a big reason why the Texans cooled on him. So it is a very valid question, no doubt.

    • http://dawgpoundnation.com Shawn Starr

      He’s 21. And extremely rich and famous. I’m sorry, but I drank more and did far stupider things when 21, I’m sure. And I was far from an alcoholic. Alcoholism is a serious illness, and to imply that he is one because he’s been confirmed drunk a whopping THREE times in the past 30 days is reckless, probably libelous and the worst type of low journalism.

      • trinity

        That’s your opinion, and you’re entitled to it. Just like I’m entitled to see it differently. There’s a chance he doesn’t have a problem. There is a chance he does. Since he’s stated that he would stop, but then continues to do it, it begs the question of impulse control. In that case, it’s valid to ask a simple question about it.

        • Brown4Life

          ..or JF is doing it out of spite… a youngster like that? [21 yrs old]..yeah, he’s doing it out of spite. Best to watch him longer before we lay the label on him..just sayin

    • freeme10

      He also missed Manning’s youth QB camp because he was hung-over. If drinking causes you to break prior commitments – you may have a problem.

      • trinity

        I agree. Everyone will know soon enough if he can control himself enough to be successful. I’m not betting on it, to be honest.

  • freeme10

    No more Zinski articles for me until he apologizes to Cabot. There has been a lot of speculation that JFF has a drinking problem. This isn’t just some wild fantasy by a writer with no life. I think this entire article was written by someone feeling jerkish without the benefit of research skills. C’mon man. Also – if you think you need to satisfy those criteria (fights, accosting someone, traffic accidents) in order to be an alcoholic, you are also ignorant.

    • David Ellison

      I agree free me. Zinski is on the wrong track when he says that’s the norm of 21 year olds. Bridgewater isn’t doing that at 21. In fact he’s stayed in Minnesota, is buying a home and studying film and working out. Manziel is just partying and getting drunk and making a fool of himself. We’ll see which is more successful as a quarterback and in life…

  • Jack McQuade

    Mary Kay Cabot is a dingbat. She is..just ok as a sports journalist and does have a place on a team of reporters covering the local scene. She has a far too large a presence however and is in way over here head. If she does not perform a retraction immediately the Plain Dealer needs to be sued. They fired the lead Browns reporter for a nonsense reason and political correct move and put this dingbat as lead Browns reporter. She is a disgrace with this irresponsible ignorant comment, sure to do nothing but cause more problems than she is worth.

  • glennantz

    I used to think a lot of Mary Cabot, but not now. give it up already.