Protestors arrested outside of Google Headquarters

On the eve of one of Google’s biggest days of the year, the company was already making headlines.  As Wednesday was the day in which Google would kick off its annual I/O developers conference, Tuesday night marked a good night for a protest in the eyes of some.  On Tuesday night, police arrested 10 people who were demonstrating in favor of internet freedom.

Wednesday morning saw more demonstrators showing up outside of Google’s I/O developers conference in San Francisco.

Those backing the movement #OccupyGoogle were first seen showing up on Tuesday night with their tents and signs.  They have long been behind protests and widely publicized the stunt on Twitter again on Tuesday.

Through the messages on their sign and on their website as well, the group is looking to keep the internet a free speech zone and promote net neutrality.

#OccupyGoogle poked fun at the tech company calling the police in as night fell.  While cops initially remained rather calm, arrests were made as the group failed to completely disperse.

Google has failed to make any comments on the situation as of yet, but the arrests on their property suggest that they weren’t happy with the protestors showing up in full force.

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