Reading Rainbow the most backed Kickstarter Campaign ever

It took only a day for the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter to reach its goal of $1 million on the platform. And now, after a month of donations came flowing in, the campaign to raise money to help bring Reading Rainbow programming into the class rooms of the world for free has become the most backed Kickstarter campaign ever.

With an astounding 91,000-plus backers, the Reading Rainbow campaign not only surpassed its $1 million goal, it demolished it. With just hours to go (as of publishing) until the campaign ends, the campaign has raised over $4.5 million for its efforts.

That number, which continues to grow by the minute, is almost five times more than what was initally asked. It’s clear that the wanting to help, along with a heavy dose of nostalgia, has gone a long way towards raising the funds to bring the Reading Rainbow experience back for “every child, everywhere.”

It isn’t the most financially funded Kickstarter. That record belongs to the Pebble, which raised more than $10 million from about 60,000 backers. However, the $4.5 million raised from 91,000 backers is obviously nothing to scoff it. It’s an impressive campaign with amazing results that will hopefully be able to teach the new, tech-connected generation the power of reading in new and incredible ways.

Mike’s Musings: You just knew that, when this campaign was initially announced back in May, this was going to be successful. The fact that so many people want to help out children is incredible. This is one example of how much good can come thanks to platforms like Kickstarter.

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