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UK bans Google Glass in movie theaters

It’s been less than a week since Google Glass was made available for purchase in the United Kingdom, but the device is already the center of some controversy overseas.

Just days after launch, theater owners owners have blocked the use of the wearable device. This ban is in effect for any one of the nearly 4,000 theaters found in the UK.

Citing piracy concerns, UK movie-goers may end up seeing the following message upon entering an establishment.

As a courtesy to your fellow audience members, and to prevent film theft, we ask that customers do not enter any cinema auditorium using any ‘wearable technology’ capable of recording images. Any customer found wearing such technology will be asked to remove it and may be asked to leave the cinema.

When contacted for comment, Google admitted understanding regarding the concerns with its Google Glass device. Instead of blatantly going against the decision, the company said in a universal statement to treat it like another piece of mobile technology. However, they did encourage a test and see what happens approach before banning it at the tend of the statement.

We encourage any cinemas concerned about Glass to treat the device as they treat similar devices like mobile phones: simply ask wearers to turn it off before the film starts. Broadly speaking, we also think it’s best to have direct and first-hand experience with Glass before creating policies around it. The fact that Glass is worn above the eyes and the screen lights up whenever it’s activated makes it a fairly lousy device for recording things secretly.

So what do you think FanSiders? Do you think the banning of Google Glass in movie theaters is a good idea? Do you think American theaters will soon follow suite?

Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

Mike’s Musings: While I understand the reasoning for the ban of Google Glass in movie theaters, I highly doubt that pirating movies with the device will become an issue. I honestly think that it’s more of a common courtesy issue than anything else. I wouldn’t want to sit in a movie theater only for someone to be checking their Gmail account sense the device is voice activated.

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