Mar 1, 2014; Boston, MA, USA; Boston Celtics center Kris Humphries (43) reacts to a dunk against the Indiana Pacers during the fourth quarter of Indiana

Timberwolves Rumors: Minnesota interested in signing Kris Humphries

The Minnesota Timberwolves remain focused on getting something done with Kevin Love, whether that be trading him or convincing him to stay, but there are still other areas of the roster the Wolves will need to focus on.

One way to convince Kevin Love to stay in Minnesota is to get him some talented free agent help. The Wolves put together a decent draft this year but they need someone to help them win now and they need that help from the open market.

Kris Humphries is not going to convince Kevin Love to come back to Minnesota, but the Wolves are interested in him anyways.

Humphries is from Minnesota, which helps sort of make this okay but it’s not like the Wolves are the Minnesota Wild and bringing back homegrown players is a big deal. Humphries is best known not as a basketball player but fir having his life ruined by Kim Kardashian and her crazy fame hungry family but the Wolves like what they see out of his game.

As far as Kardashian connections go, Humphries has burned all bridges there, while Love is shmoozing with Scott Disick in his free time which shows you the social status difference between the two.

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