Nerds revolt after NASCAR delay wipes out TNT Lord of the Rings marathon

Never come between a nerd and his/her Lord of the Rings marathon. That is the lesson for TNT after the network wiped an entire day of Lord of the Rings movies from its schedule to clear the way for the rain-delayed Coke Zero 400 to be broadcast, and saw an immediate angry response by tens of nerds.

Oh, you know that the nerds were up in arms about this one. And you know where they all went to complain about the situation. Straight to Twitter. Where things got uglier than a Gollum tattoo on a fat fanboy’s pimply ass.

A sampling of the more amusing tweets (h/t FTW). This nerd had pasta salad all ready as a snack for the marathon, but no luck.

This dork knows exactly who to blame for the fiasco.

This geek would rather be mauled by two bears and a giraffe than watch NASCAR.

This fellow at least has a backup plan.

A dissenting opinion came via driver Jeff Burton. But he might be biased.

I just have one question for the indignant LOTR fans on Twitter today: DON’T YOU PEOPLE OWN DVD PLAYERS???

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