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Browns have 'no comment' on Johnny Manziel Vegas picture

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The Cleveland Browns have had a rough off-season to say the least. It started with firing their first year head coach and then firing their general manager. They then of course looked for replacements and while they found a general manager candidate inside their organization, Ray Farmer, their coaching quest came up a bit tattered. The team “settled” on Mike Pettine and settled is not used loosely.

The off-season went from simply shaking your head to rolling your eyes when the Browns learned wide-receiver Josh Gordon could miss the entire season due to a failed NFL drug test. Add a DUI on top of that and the Browns are off to a roaring start. The draft however went well for the team and fans were thrilled they drafted quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Manziel has been at the forefront of the media circus since his arrival in Cleveland and that prompted the Browns to ask Manziel to “tone it down” which of course he hasn’t. Earlier today an image of Manziel rolling paper money made its way online. The impression was simply “what could he possibly be rolling a dollar bill for?”

The incident has since made national news and naturally the Browns are not saying anything outside of “no-comment”. In the NFL we will not get a real response unless Manziel is suspended by the NFL. In no way am I saying he will be or will even be tested I’m just saying that the Browns will have no comment until there needs to be a comment.

Manziel is expected to push hard for the Browns starting quarterback job come training camp later this month. What he does off the field will not be an issue until fans see what he can do on the field.

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