Android Wear bug preventing app installation

Just last week Google started making apps for its upcoming Android Wear available for users to download.

Unfortunately, not everyone who owns a device can enjoy the apps available for the new device thanks to a major bug. This bug is preventing users from being able to download and install paid apps.

First reported by Android Police, the bug seems to be caused by Google’s app encryption.

In an effort to stop the pirating of the apps, Google encrypts paid apps so that each app is tied to a specific device. This method blocks Android Wear, which automatically downloads apps on your smartphone to the device, from being able to recognize the apps.

“It seems the Android Wear install process runs into a road block with paid apps because it doesn’t know how to extract the file of the encrypted apk,” the Android Police report stated. “Since the installer fails to recognize the payload, it assumes there is nothing to install and silently aborts.”

It’s recommended to avoid all Android Wear paid apps until this issue is resolved. Luckily, most of the apps for the device are free for users. Free apps have had no reported issues regarding downloads and installation.

FanSided has reached out to Google for comment on the bug, but the company has not yet responded to the request. The company has yet to officially comment on the issue, or announce a possible fix.

For workarounds to the bug, visit Android Police.

What do you think of this bug? Do you think it’s a big deal right now? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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