Microsoft working on Android phone

The next smartphone from Microsoft may not be a Windows Phone.

Though it’s happened before with the Nokia X, Microsoft may be releasing a new Android-powered phone to consumers. It would be the first time a Nokia Lumia, Microsoft’s flagship phone line, would see a non-Windows Phone version released.

According to the Twitter account evleaks, an Android-power Lumia is coming soon. This report comes from the same source that reported Microsoft would rebrand the Nokia name to “Nokia by Microsoft.”

It’s not known if the new rumored device would run a full version of Android, or a modified version that doesn’t rely on Google’s services like the Google Play Store. It’s possible that Microsoft could take the Amazon approach with this new device, and give it it’s own store like the other Seattle-based company did with it’s line of Tablets, and upcoming Fire Phone.

For those worried about an Android-based phone from Microsoft being the death of Windows Phone, evleaks wants you to know that that’s absolutely not the case.

“Let me clarify something,” the Tweet read. “An Android Lumia in no way spells the end of Windows Phone. That platform is not going anywhere.”

FanSided reached out to Microsoft for comment, but it was declined.

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